Christmas Tree Care

Christmas Tree Care

For your Christmas trees to retain the same freshness as the day they were cut, we recommend that trees are kept out in the fresh air for as long as possible before being moved inside. 

Half an inch should be cut off the stem before putting the tree into a water-filled Christmas tree stand, in the same way that fresh flowers are treated.  

Trees that are not watered and stood in a hot environment close to fires or radiators are more likely to wilt and dry out more quickly. Cut trees are no different to cut flowers and they will dry out if they cannot draw up moisture.  

A common misconception about the Nordmann Fir is that it is a “Non-Needle Drop Tree”. This is a false statement and it is important to note that all fresh Christmas trees will drop a certain amount of needles. The Nordmann Fir tree has become popular in recent years simply because it draws in water and retains its needles for a longer period compared to the traditional Norway Spruce and other types of Fir.

Please remember to care for the tree in the same way as any other freshly cut product and always read the instruction guide.